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Once you get to Formentera you’ll want to hail a taxi immediately and have them take you to your beach of choice…there’s a couple popular ones depending on what scene you’re looking for but we chose Platje de ses Illetes.

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It will be as if you were listening to a track in a room filled with woofers.

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Suddenly the sounds of her siblings and her mother faded to a murmur. It was warmer down here, soft and hazy. The grass had stripes in it, from where Dad had mown it yesterday, this way and that, and little piles of shaggy grass trimmings already turning pale in the burning sun. A camellia bush, confused by the early summer, had already bloomed and spilled its fat blossoms onto the lawn, where they lay browning and sated, halfway to ugly. Megan headed to the lichen spotted sundial in the middle of the lawn. Three more foil wrapped eggs sat on top of it and she brushed them into her basket with the side of her hand. She heard Bethan tripping down the steps behind her in her flamenco shoes. Megan turned and smiled. Sometimes when she looked at her little sister she felt overcome with love. Her worst enemy and her best friend. Meg and Beth looked identical.

Children that enjoy photography, for example, can be made the official vacation photographer.

Did reading this book make you reconsider your relationship with your family?In what ways did the love relationships each family member had mirror their relationship with Rhys?17.

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