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And the truth is, I’m not really one for composing tirades.

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comPrice: as low as US$ 190Package InclusionMeals for full board 3B, 2L, 2DEnglish or Chinese speaking guide for 2 daysAll entrance fees1 hour Khmer traditional massageAll land transportation with A/C with return airport transfers base on S.

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But Megan knew exactly where her mother meant. More…

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Hoe te Sensationele kleren voor haar dateHet is een datum ugg boots dus je hebt wat werk te doen. More…

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photo source: n typical days, we are on shirts and pants onlywith my sisters, Ann and TammyOn wacky days, we are fashion models wannabeMy other sister, Xeria is simply on loose shirt while the elders are fashion sport hahahhahaWould you agree that family members share the same taste for practically almost everything?My family is a typical illustration of this. We love the same food particularly the Chinese ones, like siomai, siopao and pancit, our favorite fruit, durian, our own gadget, TV with our tv stands , Korean movies, our computers and routers and more. Normally, we are only on tee shirts and pants and flip flops. But, Tammy and I have this silly habit of wearing our own mood for clothes. If my mood calls for rugged and wacky taste, I sport on my rubber shoes, loose pants and shirt and sling bag. However, if I feel so lady like, I am usually on my summer dresses, Havaianas slippers, and accessories. Our friends would normally praise us and our taste but we are simply happy sisters on happy mood. Baseball player in motionphoto source: love sports but I was never really good at any of them, so I stick on reading and movie viewing!Hahahahahh!But, don't you know when World War II caused the shortage and threat of closing down male professional leagues, Philip K. Wrigley, the owner of Chicago Cubs and pioneer softball patron, proposed to have women professional baseball players to boost the morale of the viewers in spite of the war. But, what seemed to be a very masculine idea of having women players in cute skirts and blouses turned to be very attractive as this first league of baseball women players demonstrated exceptional aptitude in sports. I say this is indeed girl power.

That's why they're often more expensive.

Some professionals work in schools as beatsbre1 for those aspiring to join their ranks as audiologists.

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